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("I Wanna Love Again" by Dwight Yoakam)


I choreographed this dance on Tuesday, 21st June, 2005.  I came home from work and was getting ready for my Tuesday Night class and put on Dwight's new album - "Blame The Vain" and even thought there were several good tracks on this album, I really liked "I Wanna Love Again" and just started to put some dance steps together.  Before I knew it, I had a new dance.  I quickly typed up the dance sheet and headed off to class.

My class really enjoyed the dance and even though they really don't like a lot of tags and restarts, they handled this very well (there is only one easy tag/restart).  They all thought the steps went well with the music.  So I hope you will enjoy it too if you get the opportunity to dance it.




("Desperately" by Don Williams)


This dance came about when a good friend of mine, Errol,  (who just happens to love his line dancing) told me about this song and how nice it would be if I could choreograph a dance to it so other people could enjoy the song and hopefully the dance as well.  I had the song for a number of weeks and had only played it a few times.  So on Sunday afternoon (25th July, 2004) while playing some other music, I decided to play "Desperately" and before I knew it, I was up dancing and had just about finished putting some steps to the music when I rang Errol to let him know that I was working on it.  I finally finished the dance and it was in the car and off to Errol's place to show him the dance - which he really enjoyed.

 I taught this to my class on Tuesday, 27th July, 2004 and also at Rebecca's and my Sunday social at Samsonvale on Sunday, 1st August, 2004.

I hope you will enjoy this nice easy dance to a lovely piece of music.




("Please Don't Stop Loving Me" by Dolly Parton & Porter Wagner)

  This is an old song on the CD - "THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION" by Dolly Parton.  It's a very easy 32 count dance with a very easy 4 beat tag.  I've had the CD for quite some time but it was only recently that I sat down and listened to it and I really liked this particular song.  I came up with a few steps and then just tried them to the music and they seemed to fit ok.

I choreographed this on 11th March, 2004 late in the afternoon and then I headed off to class and taught it and they all seemed to enjoy it.  I hope you do too.



("Stayin' Up Late" by Dwight Yoakam)


At long last I have choreographed another dance after many requests.  As a lot of my friends know, I just love Dwight Yoakam's music and this song is from his latest album "POPULATION ME".  I hope you will all enjoy this dance, as it's only a 2 wall dance with 64 counts and you'll be pleased to know that there are NO TAGS OR RESTARTS.

I taught this dance to my class on 8th July, 2003 (the same  day I choreographed it) and they all loved it, so I hope you will too.  You can find the dance sheet under LINE DANCES 2003.




"Burning Ring Of Fire" by The Dean Brothers

  December 2002/January 2003  -  Whilst driving down to Sydney to spend Christmas with my brother and his family, I was playing some CD's and this particular track caught my attention because of the good beat.  I ended up putting the CD player on repeat and played the song over and over for some time and started to come up with some steps in my head as I was driving down the highway.  When I returned home I finished the dance and tried it out on my very first class back and everybody seemed to like it very much.  The music is really great and yes, it is a cover version of the Johnny Cash song - "Ring Of Fire" - so I'm sure most of you will know this song.  

   I WON'T CRY    


"I Won't Cry" by Sweethearts Of The Rodeo

  Choreographed on 12th March, 2002.  Thanks must go to Barb for sending me the music for this dance.  I had the CD sitting around for about 2 months and hadn't really had a chance to listen to it until Barb phoned me and asked me how I liked the CD.  I had to be honest with her and said that I really hadn't had time to sit down and listen to it.  After getting off the phone I put the CD in and this particular track caught my attention and after playing it several times I had some steps in my head.  It was now time to try the steps to the music and it all just seemed to fit.

I think by the time I had finished choreographing the dance my neighbours were relieved, as I had played the track over and over for what seemed like several hours.  I taught this to my class on the same day that I choreographed it and they all seemed to enjoy it, so I hope you do too.



("I Walk the Line (Revisited)" by Rodney Crowell & Johnny Cash)


Choreographed in July 2001 prior to the Matilda Marathon in which I was asked to teach it.    This is an Easy Intermediate dance with NO TAGS or RESTARTS and it is a great piece of music and I'm sure you will want to get up and dance it when the music comes on.   It is one of those dances that you can pick up off the floor quite easily.   After I choreographed and taught this dance I had to go to Sydney for 4 weeks and when I returned I couldn't believe how many people were getting up on the floor and doing this dance and enjoying it so much.

Thank you to all those line dancing teachers out there who have picked this dance up and taught it to your classes.  It certainly is a wonderful feeling to see the floor full of line dancers doing my dance and enjoying it and singing along. 




("Now That's Alright With Me" by Mandy Barnett)


An Intermediate dance which flows quite nicely with the music.  Awarded 3rd Place at the Cessnock (Aust) Choreographing Competition in 1998 and received a Commendation Award at Gordon Elliot's (Aust) Choreographing Competition in 1998.

When I first heard this song, it just captured me and all I wanted to do was shuffle and turn.   If you could have seen me very late one night after playing this particular song for about 3 hours non-stop and eventually having to put on my headphones so others could sleep.  Here I was trying to dance around my somewhat confined lounge room with headphones on and the lead only extending so far and with me doing lots of turns.   It's a wonder I didn't hang myself, but  I know you would have got a good laugh if you were there watching me.


The dance "Cleveland Shuffle" has been included on GONE COUNTRY DANCE HITS No. 40 and several line dancing instructors here in Queensland have already shown interest in teaching this dance to their classes, (even though this dance was choreographed back in 1998).

A special THANK YOU to Sue of Sue's Bootscooters for asking me to give a demonstration of this dance at her social in October 2000, which was well received by all present. 

I would also like to say a very BIG THANK YOU to Margaret, Carol and Wayne for learning this dance overninght and doing the demo with me - it was greatly appreciated.




("Every Man Likes You" by Adam Brand)


Choreographed in July 2000 this is a fun easy Intermediate dance and the music is just great and will no doubt have you singing along in no time, especially the girls.  It had been quite some time since I had choreographed a line dance and to get myself back into things, I wanted to try and do something that was relatively easy and I did want to put a dance together to a song off the latest  Adam Brand album - "Good Friends".    I am a big fan of Adam's and a member of his Fan Club (the first fan club I have ever joined I might add).

I would like to say a "special" THANK YOU to Wayne of CHEROKEE LINE DANCERS for giving me the opportunity to teach this dance to his class and for the people who attend Wayne's class.  This dance is currently danced at several venues in the Brisbane/Bayside area.  A big thank you to everyone for all your support and wanting to dance my dance.   To those line dancing teachers out there who have taught it, I say a very BIG THANK YOU.




("Good Heavens Above" by Slim Dusty)


Choreographed in August 2000 as a special request from one of my line dancing friends in Queensland who is an avid Slim Dusty fan.  When Errol  first asked me if I could put a dance together to a song by Slim Dusty,  I had my doubts.   But with some help from my friends - Carol, John, Lorraine and Errol - I came up with this dance during their visit to my place on 6th August, 2000. 

We all had a fun and most enjoyable and memorable afternoon together trying to get some steps to go with this particular song by Slim.  Even though I'm not a huge fan of Slim's, I quite like the finished dance and the song has grown on me.  Don't just brush it aside because it is done to a Slim Dusty song, give it a go and I'm sure you will enjoy the steps and no doubt the music will grow on you like it did for me.




("Don't Be Sad" by Dwight Yoakam)


This is the first dance that I ever helped choreograph and even though it took several months to put together, the end result was pretty good and even to this day it is still my favourite dance.  Some friends and I were travelling out to Bathurst, NSW one weekend for a line dancing social and whilst travelling in the car I was playing Dwight's new CD and somebody made the comment that I should put a dance to this particular song.  I never believed that I could ever choreograph a dance, but with some help from teachers and friends, and lots of encouragement, the dance was finally completed.

This dance received several placings in choreography comps and was danced in Tamworth (Aust) in 1988 at Calrossy. Has been danced in several dance comps and always been placed. Not as difficult as it may appear on the dance sheet as most steps are repetitive and it's only a ONE WALL dance. Fits the music well and one of the first dances to incorporate DWIGHT SWIVELS.




("Baby Take A Picture" by Ricky Van Shelton)

  A fun Intermediate Beginner dance that was put together for Gordon Elliot's (Aust) Choreographing Competition in 1997. Although this dance was unplaced, several instructors liked it and taught it to their classes.   



("I Don't Care If You Love Me Anymore" by The Mavericks)

  An Advanced dance and quite energetic.  This dance was choreographed following the request of two dancers who wanted to compete in the 1998 Golden Boot at Tamworth (Aust), in which they received 3rd Place in the Duo Section.  This dance also received 3rd Place in the 1998 New South Wales State Championships by another Duo.  



("My Mind's Made Up" by Adam Brand)


A fun little Beginners dance which was awarded 3rd Place at the Cessnock (Aust) Choreographing Competition in 1998 and received a Commendation Award at Gordon Elliot's (Aust) Choreographing Competition in 1998.  This was the very first dance choreographed to the debut album of new Australian Country Artist,  Adam Brand.

My friend and line dancing instructor, PJ,  from PJ's Bootscooters was given a promotion copy of Adam Brand's new CD from a record store and after she briefly heard a couple of tracks she thought of me immediately.  That very same day she arrived at the Woolaway Woolshed (Picton, NSW) for our usual lessons and couldn't wait for me to turn up.   She gave me the CD to listen to and said I definately should put some dances together to some of the tracks.  On the way home I played the
CD in the car and just kept playing a couple of tracks over and over.  Once home I played it again and eventually choreographed threee (3) dances from this particular   album.




("Never Live Without You" by Adam Brand)

  As the name implies, a cha-cha Intermediate dance.  Received an Encouragement Award at the 1998 Cessnock (Aust) Choreographing Competition.   



("Grandpa's Piano" by Adam Brand)


An Intermediate fun dance and although there are several dances choreographed to this piece of music, I believe that this is the only one where you are actually stomping your right and left feet as the words are sung throughout the song, making it more enjoyable and fun.  

This dance sheet was included in the Official Adam Brand Fan Club Newsletter.  









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